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Hall Instructions -englisch-

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Riding Hall Rules

1. Before entering a riding area (whether with or without a horse), or before opening the door, the entering is assured with the call "door free" and by waiting for the response of the riding instructor or rider "door is free" that the door is safe to be opened. The same is true when leaving the area.  The riding hall will entered and left the horse by hand, and riding on horseback is not permitted.

2. Up and down as well as holding to the post-belt etc. always takes place in the middle of a circle or on the center line.  

3. From other horses, always keep a sufficient safety distance to the front or between space to the side of Min. 3 steps (approx. 2.50 m).  

4. Step-riding or pausing riders let trotting or galloping riders free the arena patterns (work line). It should only be on the second arena patterns to step or hold through parried.  

5. Riders on the circle give riders on the first arena patterns the preauthenticity. "Whole Train" goes before "circle". This also applies if the two Händendurcheinander are ridden.  

6. Being ridden simultaneously on both hands is to dodge right. The rider on the left hand belongs to the arena patterns, but not when riding on the circle (see previous rule).  

7. If ridden on one hand and hand changes are arranged, the riders who have already reached the new arena patterns remain on the arena patterns. Riders, who still carry out the change of hand, deviate into the inner path.

8. For training purposes of young horses and beginners, the lunging (incl. pre-longing before riding) is permitted. Otherwise, pure lunging is not permitted! Longenarbeit is basically to be coordinated with the riders present in the hall. With more than two riders present, lunging is prohibited. This does not apply to the longing of riding beginners during registered riding lessons. These have priority in principle.

9. After leaving the hall, the lighting must be switched off by the last user!

10. If a horse leaves apples in the riding school, they must be removed immediately.  The wheelbarrow is ready for this in the vestibule of the hall.  Because only together can we keep the floor clean. Also to remove the filth of others, if it was forgotten; Show solidarity!! Hygiene has an outstanding significance at the Eifel-Kastanienhof. For man and horse It is of great importance that the hall is kept clean, not least the conditions of therapeutic riding prescribe this to us. Abäppeln and cleanliness is a top priority.

11. The following procedure applies to the use of the riding Hall: in principle all riding lessons must be approved by the system operator. The Terminewerden in each case by telephone with the plant operator or his representative. The approval depends on the current occupancy of the riding hall. In riding lessons with at least 4 horses, the hall is closed to other riders. For all dates, it must be booked 24 hours in advance by telephone and online (first Test) in the Hall Occupancy Plan (www.eifel-kastanienhof.de), so that they are known to the users in good time.

12. Free jumping is only allowed on special free spring dates. For this purpose official dates are announced exclusively for free jumping!

13. Free Running of horses in the hall is not permitted. The horse must be observed at all times by the rider, also at the hand/leash, a nibble of the gangs and other Hözern of the riding Hall by the horse is immediately to be suppressed.

14. In the Hall of the riding Arena, the general rest is to be ensured!

15. After using the jumps, poles and stands must be stored again in the designated places.

16. The start/leveling of the hall usually takes place outside of the registered riding lessons. However, since no fixed dates can festgesetztwerden, the riders have to leave the hall/riding area during the grinding. The rider accepts the the riding floor consistance as it is available in the arena.

17. During the riding run, dogs must be kept on the leash on the entire premises, especially in the riding hall. Dogs in DerReithalle must be disposed of immediately!!!

18. A helmet must always be worn when riding in the hall!. Riding in the hall is only permitted to riders who are suitably trained and have their horse IOM grip.

19. There is absolutely no smoking in the entire yard and premises.

20. The riding and entering of the hall and the premises is exclusively and explicitly at your own risk.
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